General Chiropractic Council

What is Chiropractic?

The health profession known as chiropractic involves diagnosing, treating and preventing musculoskeletal system mechanical disorders, that is, those that effect the muscles, joints and bones. As well as the effects these conditions can have on the general health of individuals and their nervous system functionality. There is a strong emphasis on manual treatments such as soft tissue and joint manipulation like spinal adjustment.

Although they have a special interest in back and neck pain, chiropractors assess the whole physical, social and emotional well-being too.

They use a variety of techniques to increase mobility, improve function and reduce pain in their patients. They can also offer recommendations and advice lifestyle, exercise and diet, along with programmes for rehabilitation that involves exercises they can do by themselves at home.

Chiropractic Regulation

The GCC or General Chiropractic Council regulates all practising chiropractors in the country. They are expected to renew their GCC registration on a yearly basis. During this process, the GCC will check that chiropractors possess up-to-date professional indemnity insurance, meet the mandatory professional development requirements, are reputable and have a good bill of health.

About the General Chiropractic Council

The GCC or General Chiropractic Council is the parliament-established organisation that regulates the chiropractic profession in the UK. They protect the safety and health of members of the public by making sure that those practicing as chiropractors in the UK are doing so to a high standard.

Chiropractor is a legal title and it is illegal for anyone to state their profession as such without GCC registration. The GCC runs appropriate checks on all chiropractors to ensure they are fully qualified and fit to perform in the role.

GCC Mission, Vision and Aims

Their Mission

The core purpose or mission of the General Chiropractic Council includes:

Safeguarding all people who use chiropractic services by establishing and maintaining high standards for the profession.

They deliver on this mission by performing the following key duties:

  • Setting standards for the education, practice and conduct of chiropractors
  • Recognising the chiropractic degree programmes that meet their standards
  • Maintaining an up-to-date register of chiropractors that meet their requirements with respects to CPD and character health competence
  • Investigating and determining all complaints lodged against GCC registrants

Their Vision

The vision of the GCC is to be recognised as a respected regulatory body for the chiropractic profession.

Their Aims

Their aim as an organisation is to:

  • Provide protection for members of the general public and chiropractic patients
  • Continue to uphold and improve on the professional standards that are already established for chiropractors
  • Effectively engage and encourage constructive dialogue with their stakeholders
  • Continue to improve on their effectiveness, while ensuring their systems are completely fit for their purpose and cost-effective

General Chiropractic Council Statutory Duties

As established in the Act, the statutory duties of the General Chiropractic Council are to establish, develop and maintain the chiropractic profession. The protection of the public is the main objective of the organisation, which involves achieving the following important objectives:

  • The protection, promotion and maintaining of the well-being, health and safety of the general public
  • Promoting confidence in the general public for the chiropractic profession and maintaining it
  • Promoting proper standards and conduct of individuals practicing that profession and maintaining it

What They Do

  • The General Chiropractic Council maintains a register of everyone legally permitted to perform the role of a chiropractor throughout the UK
  • They establish, develop and maintain proficiency, conduct and practice standards
  • They carry out investigations into complaints when chiropractors have been accused and guilty of incompetence, misconduct or a criminal offence. They also take appropriate action when a chiropractor has a physical or mental illness that impairs their ability to perform their role properly.
  • They make sure and recognise chiropractic qualifications provided by education institutions in the UK provide sufficient education and training for chiropractors. They also make sure that chiropractors continue to develop their abilities.

How They Work Together

The GCC as an organisation is made up of a Council, committees and small staff team.


The Council leads the GCC and has the responsibility of making sure the organisation carries out its main functions and consists of seven non-chiropractors and seven chiropractors. It maintains a strict Code of Conduct that outlines the responsibilities and the duties of the individuals that should always be complied with.

All of the members of the Council and Health and Professional Conduct Committee have to declare and report their non-GCC interests.


There are five statutory Committees that support the GCC Council’s work. Those committees are:

  • The Health Committee
  • The Investigating Committee
  • The Education Committee
  • The Health Appeal Tribunal
  • The Professional Conduct Committee

The council also has the support of four other, non-statutory Committees, including:

  • The Registration Appeals Committee
  • The Reappointments Committee
  • The Remuneration Committee
  • Then Audit Committee


There is a small team of staff members that assist the GCC Council and Committee. These include the Interim Chief Executive and Registrar – Tricia McGregor and representatives for the following departments:

  • Registrations
  • Fitness to Practise
  • Education
  • Finance
  • General Enquiries